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What’s the Benefits of Reading Poker Site Reviews?

by Byrne Roy

The majority of casino players like to read reviews before joining. They like to know which casinos offer free spins and bonuses but what about poker sites? Is it worth looking at reviews when there are less sites? Definitely! In this article we’ll explain why it’s advantageous to read reviews of poker sites before depositing.

Find out calibre of competition

Different poker sites appeal to different types of people. This means that the standard of play ranges quite wide between some online poker sites. Most players accept the idea that it’s better to play on soft sites. After all, playing on softer sites will mean you can earn more, right? Poker training sites recommend sticking to softer sites to increase your win rate, Texas Hold’em Questions say as much in their GGPoker review.

Almost all reputable poker sites that conduct reviews will give a section on competition. They’ll let you know whether the players are tough, weak or in between. By understanding this, you can make an informed decision as to whether it’s worth your time.

New player rewards

Another benefit of reading reviews of poker sites is to find out what rewards you get for joining. Unlike casinos, few poker sites offer incentives like no deposit bonuses, but they should offer something. Perhaps free tickets, a freeroll entry or matched deposit bonus. There will usually be something to attract a new player. By reading a comprehensive and impartial review, you can gain access to this information and see which sites are offering the best rewards to prospective players.

Find out traffic levels

Most people like to know what kind of numbers play on a site before they join. You may not want to go through the time and energy of downloading a poker client only to find out it only has 100 players regularly playing.

The majority of online poker reviews will have a section dedicated to traffic. They will have done their homework and advise on the traffic figures during peak and off-peak hours. Armed with this information you will know whether there’s likely to be plenty of fish around when you play, or just grinders.


As you can see, there’s good reasons to do some research before playing online poker. If you spend some time reading reviews and find out the best rewards, traffic levels and what the competition is like, you will reap the long-term benefits and make poker profits.

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