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The Different Popular Variations of Blackjack You Can Play at Online Casinos

by Byrne Roy

The internet produced many forms of entertainment, such as online video games, streaming movies, social media platforms, and so much more. And during the pandemic, the internet became the primary tool that almost everyone around the world could use. Everybody was spending most of their days online, which led to people looking for ways to enjoy online gambling. Why online gambling? That’s because gambling establishments were forced to close down for safety measurements against the virus. Now, online gambling continues to become the top-most favorable entertainment for adults who spend most of their time on the internet.

If you want to start online gambling, then you need to look for a nhà cái casino uy tín first. After that, you will find tons of gambling games, such as online slots, sports betting, lotteries, baccarat, blackjack, and more. Blackjack is one of the most popular types of casino games that you will find today, and it’s usually played in live casinos with a live dealer. There are different variations of blackjack too, which you can learn here.

Classic Blackjack

The classic blackjack remains the most popular blackjack, whether in physical or online casino form, in many parts of the world. That’s because the house edge is very low, the rules are relatively easy, and it’s more social than poker. But just because the house edge is low, about 0.5% only, doesn’t mean you can utilize it in its entirety. It also takes a little bit of practice to become a pro at the classic blackjack. You only need to learn all the right moves to win.

If you haven’t played this version of blackjack yet, the gameplay is straightforward. The player is playing against the house, and they should reach the hand value of 21 or closer to it. They can defeat the dealer if the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, but it must not exceed 21.

The Euwopean Blackjack

The European Blackjack is much like the European version of Roulette, where it offers slightly better odds to its players than the American or standard version. The European Blackjack is played with two decks of cards. That means the cards are more predictable than other blackjack versions that incorporate a half-dozen or more cards in the game. Another component that makes it different is that the dealer stands on a soft 17. Aside from that, the European Blackjack sets it apart from other forms of blackjack due to the blackjack dealer vs. player blackjack results in a tie or a push.

Face Up 21

Face Up 21 makes the player more powerful than they already are while removing some of the advantages of the house. In this game, both of the dealer’s cards are dealt and shown face up. The players are given a tremendous advantage if they see what they are dealing with to know how they are going to bet with their hands. But the catch is that if the dealers hit a soft 17 and the dealer blackjack beats the player blackjack, the blackjack only pays even money. Similar to the European version, players can only double down on 9, 10, and 11.

The overall house edge of Face Up 21 is at 0.69%, making it the highest house edge to this point. So you must adjust your betting strategy according to the rules that require the dealer to show both cards after dealing.

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