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Some Of The Stranger Things You Can Gamble On & Potentially Win Big

by Byrne Roy

Gambling is something that humans have done for thousands of years, and many people partake in this pastime, with millions of people worldwide gambling every day. You can gamble on many things, such as sporting events and things currently happening in the world, and there are also some stranger things you can bet on if you want to. It is almost a question of if you can think of it, you can gamble on it, and many bookmakers are prepared to offer you odds on nearly anything. Below are some stranger things you can bet on that may interest you and show you how diverse the gambling industry is.

The End Of The World

Whether you are a conspiracy nut and genuinely believe the end of the world is nigh, or you want a fun bet, you can predict its ending and potentially strike it rich. However, if the world does end, we are not sure how you will collect your bet, but at least you can take comfort in being correct.

Gamble On Digital Slot Machines

Many people love to play slot machines, but not everyone can visit a casino to play them, which is why they created online slots, such as สล็อต xo 88, that you can play. These work the same way as a physical slot machine, but there are no moving parts as they are completely digital. You can get your fix playing these slots, but they are not as fun for many people as pushing buttons and seeing the wheels spin in real life.

Who Will Be The Next Pope?

If the Pope passes away, you can also consider having a flutter and gambling on who the next Pope will be. It is common whenever a new pope is being declared for bookmakers to accept bets on this, and there can be some good odds available if you look around.

You Can Bet On Finding ET

Something else a bit strange that you can gamble on if you wish is whether they will find extra-terrestrial life to prove the existence of aliens. You will most likely need to contact the bookmakers to see what odds they will offer, but they will most likely take you up on the bet if you make an exact prediction.

Who Will Be Number One At Christmas?

It is common for bookmakers to accept bets on which musician or band will have the number one song at Christmas in the UK. The earlier you place your bet, the better odds you will get, but if the artist or band you bet on does not release a song at Christmas, your bet will be wasted.

The Next Celebrity To Die

Although it is a bit macabre, you can also have a bet on the next celebrity to die, and bookmakers will offer you odds on this. You can bet on the famous person you think will be the next to die and potentially see excellent returns on your stake.

These are only a few of the things you can gamble on that are a bit strange, and you can click here to see some other odd bets you can consider. Find yourself a reputable bookmaker, and you can bet on almost anything, but the odds are often stacked against you.

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