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Learn the rules, sequence, and scoring parameters of Indian rummy here

by Byrne Roy

Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is one of the popular games that many people are conversant with, but others don’t know what it is. This game is very fun and at the same time enjoyable, which will make you come back for more. Playing Indian Rummy at Getmega is quite easy; however, knowing what this game is packed with is of the utmost importance.

Have you always wanted to play rummy but didn’t know where to start? Don’t fret, as we are here to help you. This game has the set rules that must be followed as well as the sequence and storing parameters. Let’s dive in to see what this card game has for us, shall we?

About Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is among the oldest card games known to man. It’s prevalent in India. This amazing card game, which required players to congregate and be physically present for it to be played, is now conveniently available online. And Getmega is the ideal place to place Indian rummy. 

Although playing this game online is safer, many players are still hesitant about the legality and safety issues. Of course, that’s true. Contrary to popular beliefs, Indian rummy has improved considerably and is entirely acceptable in recent years. After reading this guide, you’ll be fit to play the Indian rummy game and even win easily. So let’s get started.


Indian rummy’s objective is to form sets and sequences from your cards. It gives you a better chance of winning if you can create valid sequences and sets faster than any of your competitors.


You must grasp some fundamentals of Indian rummy. Here are the things you need to know:

  1. Rummy is played by 2 to 6 players.
  2. It’s played with two deck cards. Out of the two decks, 13 cards are given to the players.
  3. The sequence of the cards should be in the order of Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King.
  4. The ace card’s value is 10 points.
  5. When making sets, the Ace card’s value is 10
  6. The game is played in an anticlockwise manner
  7. At least two runs are required, and one must be pure without a joker.
  8. One can get the card from the discard pile
  9. To finish your turn of playing, discard one card.


The Indian rummy game starts when the players get the cards. After taking the cards, the player must discard one card from their hand face-up on top of the discard pile.

They continue playing until one has 13 cards in their hand that can be combined into valid combos. In this situation, the player throws away the 14th card and says “Rummy,” displaying the 13 cards in a row to confirm that they form the required runs and sets, winning the game.

The game is void if there are no face-down cards in the stack after everyone has taken their last stock card and no one has declared rummy by the end of the turn in which the final stock card was taken.

When the winner has completed rummy, other players who haven’t packed their hands count them for the pay-off. The cards with the straight run are not included. Any additional runs, trails, and second runs are not considered if the hand contains a straight run.

The winner is determined by adding up all of the values on the cards remaining in the deck. The winner is paid a set number of points depending on when they packed their cards.


Indian rummy is a known game that has its own rules and scoring parameters. As such, you must grasp them to score points. Make sure you are aware of what should be done to play this superb game at Getmega.

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