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Baccarat Rules At จีคลับ

by Byrne Roy

Baccarat is a card game that is popularly played in countries like Thailand, India, and other countries of the Asian region. The game is easy to play and offers a lot of rewards to the players. The site จีคลับ has provided all the players a real-life feeling of playing in the casinos.  This site is number one in the whole of the Asian continent and, the maximum members are of Asia. But the overall reach of the site is global. Can you visit it? Yes, you can open their website and access it. Baccarat game will give you a 100% bonus on your joining. You will find the rules of this game below.


You have two different sides to choose from. Table A-F and also the insurance table A-B that can you can play. You can play the games for 24 hours on their site with their staff. Or, you can play it with your friends, depending upon you. Two sides of the game are- the banker’s side and, the player’s side. The side which has the highest points will win the game. Therefore, choosing the right side is equally important in this game.

In case, your side has the first two cards with eight to nine points then, you will win the game immediately. Likewise, if any side has two cards with seven and six points then, that side will also win immediately. But, if the side has two cards with points between 0-5 points then, an additional card will be drawn and, then the result will be measured. If the third card is also of the same number, it will be a tie.

Face counting:

The cards with point zero are 10, Q, K, J, and A. The rest of the cards starting from 2-9 will have points equal to the number, that is written on them. จีคลับ is an excellent site to read the rules of the game before playing. If the total points of the cards are less than nine, then they will be counted based on the total points. But if the points are greater than nine, then the unit’s digit will be the total points. Let us take an example- of the points you get are 18 then the total points will be 8 which is the unit’s digit.

When the game begins the dealer will give two cards on each side. If the value of those cards is between 0-5, then the dealer will provide one more card and, it will be the decider card when the points are totaled, and the result is declared. If the value is between 6-7 the extra card will not be taken into account. If the cards are between 8-9 then, no card will be given. But in the last case, the result will be declared immediately, as it can only be a win or a loss.

So, if you are a Baccarat fan, then you can visit จีคลับ and become a member and play it.

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