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7 Little-known tips for scoring bonuses on online slots

by Byrne Roy

Online slots are popular casino games, providing entertainment and the chance to win big money. While the outcomes of spins are randomly determined, there are some clever strategies you use to improve your chances of triggering bonuses and other special features.

  1. Look for slots with bonus guarantees

Some online slots guarantee bonus features within a certain number of spins. This information is generally shown transparently in the game rules. For example, a game might ensure that free spins, a picking bonus, or other features will trigger at least once per 200 spins. If you see bonus guarantees advertised, those games statistically provide more frequent bonuses.

  1. Pick slots with multiple bonus features

The more bonus features a slot has, the higher your chances of hitting some kind of bonus while playing. The best slots have 3, 4, or even 5 potential bonuses built in. These include features like free spins, re-spins, picking games, progressive jackpots, and more. The more ways a game has of awarding extras, the better for your bankroll.

  1. Bet the maximum when you can

Most online slots have better odds of triggering bonuses when you place the maximum bet. The increase varies by game, but bonuses might be 50-100% more likely to strike at max bet compared to a minimum. Of course, you’ll spend more per spin this way, but the bonus boost makes it worthwhile.

  1. Join the casino’s player’s club

Signing up for an online casino’s loyalty program provides perks like bonus slot spins for reaching certain status levels. You’ll earn points for all your play, culminating in comps and rewards. Depositing, playing slots, and other gaming all help acquire status points. Plus, many programs send members special bonus offers.

  1. Take advantage of reload bonuses

Making additional deposits to your account after signing up can qualify for generous reload bonuses at some casinos. These bonuses essentially give you extra money to play online slots in return for depositing more cash. If played wisely, bonus cash makes scoring more slot bonuses much more likely.

  1. Hunt for the best RTP slots

Higher RTP or “Return to Player” percentages indicate games with better overall odds and increased bonus frequency. Most legitimate online casinos publish the RTP rates for all their slots. As a rule of thumb, always choose games rated 96% or more for a mathematical edge.

  1. Play when new slots launch

To attract attention when new Slot Siteleri launch, casinos often increase bonus rates and features. The first 1-4 weeks after a game goes live are prime time to experience better bonuses until the casino down-tunes the frequency again. When you score free spin bonuses, often the best strategy is to bet lower than normal rather than maxing out the spins. This approach extends playtime, helping trigger even more bonus rounds potentially. Just be sure to understand any max payout rules on freebies.

Previewing unfamiliar online slots in demo or practice mode will display key stats like volatility, RTP, max payouts, and bonus features upfront. Getting to know a game first this way allows you to make smarter decisions if you later play for real money. Scoring those thrilling online slot bonuses boils down to picking the right games under optimal conditions. Now that you know these insider strategies, it’s time to spin for more bonuses and unlock better slot machine rewards.

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