Pro Player Doyle Brunson

If there’s a poker player in the world that doesn’t need to be introduced, it’s definitely Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson. With more than 50 years of poker experience, this poker legend has seen and heard everything not only about poker, but also about life as a whole. Since 2007, Brunson has shared his life experience with the poker announcer with the world on his poker blog.

The first thing you notice when you read Doyle’s blog is his maturity and humility. Unlike many other poker players these days, he doesn’t think he needs to keep mentioning what a great player he is and how much better he is than all other poker players or other poker players. He doesn’t see the world as he wants, but he’s making a lot of fun with players like Hellmuth‚full_flush, or ZZiigmund. They spend more time making themselves honored than playing poker.

Brunson’s blog posts are not only very interesting, but every article is accompanied by a fantastic saying, or what he calls ‘Doyleism of the day.’ These are phrases such as “pure conscience is usually a bad sign of memory” or “a bubble that explodes when attention tries to expand it for itself.”

You can see a lot about Doyle’s travels, his poker game, the Provet he plays with other poker players, and his political views and how he sees the world. Nor is it unusual for him to talk about a doctor’s visit (he is 77 years old in the end) but even these visits contain a great deal of humor, as in most of his records. In my opinion, one of the best words was Brunson’s response after rumors spread that he was racist. Bronson answered. “I’ve had a black friend all my life. Phil Ivy knows that as long as she doesn’t have to use the same bathroom.‘

Overall, we have been a big fan of Doyle Brunson’s blog in poker And now I know why Pokerhardt has led many of his best poker blog lists for a long time.